Water Treatment

Is saline irrigation water damaging your farm?

AgriWater Saline Water Treatment

Problems in your soil, crops & irrigation system

  • Saline soil conditions
  • Compacted soils
  • Poor soil health
  • Slow water infiltration & run-off
  • Leaf burn & soil toxicity
  • Lower yield & quality
  • Clogged irrigation systems
  • Corrosion
AgriWater Saline Water Treatment

AgriWater water treatment will make your irrigation water work for you!

Don't let your saline irrigation water limit your farm's potential!

AgriWater Unlock your Water

Improve the physical, chemical & biological properties of your
irrigation water!

  • Negative effects of saline water are reduced
  • Salt dissolution makes calcium more available
  • Oxidized chlorides & metals are less toxic
  • Useful conversion of carbonates & sulphates
AgriWater Unlock your Soil
  • Promote soil decompaction & aeration
  • Improve water infiltration & reduce run-off
  • Facilitate the mobility of salts, chlorides & metals down the soil profile
  • Increase the volume of soil profile supporting healthy root growth
AgriWater Root Treatment
  • Aerated, healthy root zones
  • Prolific, deeper, active roots
  • Improve water & mineral uptake
AgriWater Pype Clean
  • Keep it continuously & automatically clean
  • Prolonged irrigation system
  • Ensure uniform water & fertilizer
AgriWater Unlock your irrigation
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